Aaaaaand finally, Anzu is here! (She’s an apricot girl!!)

This project is not only my first design, and also our first collaboration with Edniz! We are planning on working together more in future, this is only the beginning. But it’s very special to us. We both worked hard on it, hope you like it!

It is my dream to study fashion and design and start my own fashion line in future. It wasn’t an easy decision to make and I struggled a lot to make my parents accept it. I still haven’t achieved my dream though, I must work hard for it! I have so many options and I will make my decisions when the time comes. Then we will see what happens!

Since my name is “anzujaamu” which means “apricot jam” in English, I was inspired by apricots when I designed this outfit. And I really love Madoka’s design, so her shoes and poofy skirt was inspired from the series as well. (I also wish I was a magical girl orz)

Also, recognize the details on her wristcuffs? That’s our star beaded friendship bracelets with Edniz, heehee. ; v ;

Anyway! I will be designing more for Anzu in future but that’s all for now. Sorry for making you wait for a long time♡!

Designed by anzujaamu
Illustrated by edniz


Actually did a proper ouji fashion shoot yesterday! *A* Renka and I were twinning in white AatP Pirate outfits~ shall post photos of both our coords soon >3<

Shorts, vest - Alice and the Pirates, OTKs, shoes - Innocent World, tricorn hat - Peacockalorum






/(=✪ x ✪=)\ New puffy salopette from Alice and the Pirates.



Dear Followers,

Would like to seek the help of fellow otome gamers here in a survey for my friend’s research project in otome games! She’s holding a raffle/lucky draw as well for those who participate in the survey so please do help out if you can!

If you have a Japanese friend, you can also share a Japanese version of this survey here:

Message from my friend, Xeiran:

Hello everyone, I am currently conducting otome game research in Japan at Kanazawa University.  The focus of my research is on the difference between how foreigners and Japanese otome gamers perceive otome games and their darker aspects such as yanderes and twisted characters (and yes, the faculty actually okayed it!) . In order to compare between the two demographics, I’m conducting surveys in English and Japanese as well as interviewing otome gamers and otome game companies.

The survey itself is 35 questions, but to thank people for taking part in it I will be holding a raffle on July 6th 2014 with about 200 dollars (20000 yen) in otome games and goods as the prize. The current plan is for there to be between 3-5 winners depending on how many people take part.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could share this survey with your friends and anywhere you can!

*Special offer for the followers of brocon-con: Stand a chance to one of these babies when you take part in the survey!

BROTHERS CONFLICT デカキーホルダー 椿 アニマルパーカーver

BROTHERS CONFLICT デカキーホルダー 梓 アニマルパーカーver

Please do read the following carefully:

- As this is a survey for a research project, we are intending to gather data from people who have played at least one otome game.

- My friend will be holding a draw to give out otome games/merchandise to the lucky few who are taking the survey, but the followers of this blog will get to enter a special draw!

- You can stand a chance to win one of the above two keychains featuring the twins (aren’t they adorable!).

- To be eligible for this, please do indicate that you’re a follower of brocon-con in the comment box in the survey where you’re asked to enter an alias and email for the lucky draw. Please do remember to enter those three things (alias, email, indication that you’re a follower of brocon-con)! You can also specify which brother you’d prefer to get (no guarantee however!).

- There are other otome games/merchandise in the raffle, but if you indicate yourself as a follower of brocon-con, we will just include you in the draw for the keychains. If you are interested in the other otome game stuff that my friend is giving out, please do not indicate yourself as a follower of this blog.

- Two lucky winners will be picked out at random on 6 July 2014! Winners will be contacted via email.

- We ship everywhere! Unless you’re not living on Earth. We’ll need some more time before we are able to ship to an address out of Earth.

- I know it’s not much, but I still hope you can take a few minutes of your time to take the survey and help my friend!

From your fellow brocon,



amanda drew the dicksquad on wheels but is too lazy to post it herself