Ren uses Rock Band~
#cosplay #jingujiren

I did a survey and got some swag lol #yaoicon

Blurry preview. Hehehehehehehe
#lovestage #izumi #ryouma #cosplay

So lonely. All my friends are busy. I’m too shy to talk to anyone for longer then a minute. So socially inapt I am. #yaoicon

Lenneth the Great in the flesh. Such an honor to meet her. #yaoicon

I’ll edit everything and post them when I get back to the islands.

Lenneth and the famed Mako. I got to pet that pretty puppy so soft and friendly!! So is Lenneth lol #yaoicon

I found Yuks General and Okage and other super pretty peopleeeee
Best convention I’ve ever been too.

I met @hukaka !!!!!!!!!! I so happyyy!

Yuuka sadly without her full Asahi cosplay D:
But so awesome to meet her.